Guide to all India RTO Code list 2023

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Guide to All India RTO Code List 2023

Comprehensive Guide to All India RTO Code List 2023

If you’re a vehicle owner or aspire to be one in India, then understanding the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and its functionalities are of utmost importance. One such crucial component is the All India RTO Code List 2023, which we will delve into today.

What is the All India RTO Code List?

The All India RTO Code List is a comprehensive list of codes that denote the specific jurisdictional RTO each vehicle in India comes under. Each state and union territory has a designated RTO, with multiple offices in larger states, and each office has a unique code. This code is part of your vehicle registration number and provides essential information about the vehicle’s origin.

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With our Excel download of the All India RTO Code List, you’ll have this wealth of information at your fingertips, ready to use and analyze as you need. Whether you’re a car owner, a potential buyer of a second-hand vehicle, a legal professional, or just someone interested in understanding more about India’s transport system, this resource is invaluable.

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Unraveling the Secrets of All India RTO Number Plates

The number plate of a vehicle is not just an alphanumeric code; it’s a unique identifier that holds critical information about the vehicle’s origin. Every Indian vehicle number plate is composed of a series of characters, each set of which carries a specific meaning. It offers a quick glimpse into the vehicle’s registration details, including the state and the specific Regional Transport Office (RTO) where it’s registered.

Decoding the Number Plate

An Indian vehicle number plate typically begins with two letters that denote the state code, followed by two digits, which represent the RTO code within the state. The rest of the characters on the plate often comprise a unique alphanumeric sequence assigned to the vehicle.

For instance, the number plate ‘KA-01-AA-1234’ signifies that the vehicle was registered in Karnataka (KA) at the Koramangala RTO office (01). ‘AA-1234’ is the unique registration number assigned to the vehicle.

all india rto code list ts

all india rto code list pdf download

Importance of All India RTO Code List

Understanding the RTO code list can help you in many ways. It enables you to decipher where a vehicle was registered, which can be vital when purchasing a second-hand vehicle. Moreover, it allows you to find your local RTO for any registration-related services, licensing, insurance, and more.


RTO code list csv download

RTO code list pdf download

AN Andaman and Nicobar RTO Office 1 1
AP Andhra Pradesh RTO Office 80 81
AR Arunachal Pradesh RTO Office 18 26
AS Assam RTO Office 32 32
BR Bihar RTO Office 38 38
CG Chhattisgarh RTO Office 28 28
CH Chandigarh RTO Office 1 1
DD UT of DNH and DD RTO Office 3 3
DL Delhi RTO Office 13 13
GA Goa RTO Office 10 10
GJ Gujarat RTO Office 36 36
HP Himachal Pradesh RTO Office 94 95
HR Haryana RTO Office 96 96
JH Jharkhand RTO Office 24 24
JK Jammu and Kashmir RTO Office 20 20
KA Karnataka RTO Office 66 66
KL Kerala RTO Office 86 86
LA Ladakh RTO Office 2 2
LD Lakshadweep(UT) RTO Office 1 1
MH Maharashtra RTO Office 50 50
ML Meghalaya RTO Office 12 12
MN Manipur RTO Office 11 11
MP Madhya Pradesh RTO Office 51 51
MZ Mizoram RTO Office 9 9
NL Nagaland RTO Office 9 9
OD Odisha RTO Office 39 39
PB Punjab RTO Office 92 92
PY Pondicherry RTO Office 7 7
RJ Rajasthan RTO Office 90 96
SK Sikkim RTO Office 8 8
TN Tamil Nadu RTO Office 145 148
TR Tripura RTO Office 8 8
TS Telangana RTO Office 0 30
UK Uttarakhand RTO Office 21 21
UP Uttar Pradesh RTO Office 77 77
WB West Bengal RTO Office 52 52
TOTAL COUNT 1330 1349 + 30 = 1379

Decoding the RTO Code List

The RTO code in a vehicle’s registration number is typically denoted by two letters after the state code. For instance, in the number ‘MH-02-AA-1234’, ‘MH’ stands for Maharashtra, and ’02’ is the RTO code for Mumbai (West) – Andheri.

Navigating the RTO Code List

While the list may seem daunting, it’s quite straightforward once you understand how it’s organized. The list is usually arranged by states, with each RTO and its respective code next to it. For instance, in Maharashtra, ’01’ is the code for Mumbai (Central) – Tardeo, ’02’ is for Mumbai (West) – Andheri, and so on.

We hope this post gave you a clearer understanding of the All India RTO Code List. As responsible drivers and vehicle owners, being well-informed about these aspects helps us navigate the roads better, and ensures we can handle any vehicle-related legalities with confidence. Stay tuned for more insightful content!

Explore the complete All India RTO Code List with our comprehensive guide. Arm yourself with the knowledge to navigate the Indian roads confidently. Don’t wait, dive in to find out more!

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Understanding RTO Office Locations in India

Now that we’ve explored the All India RTO Code List in our previous post, let’s dig deeper and learn about the RTO Offices and their locations across the country. This information is incredibly beneficial for vehicle owners and drivers as these offices are responsible for various essential services such as vehicle registration, driver’s license issuance, and road tax collection, among others.

What is an RTO Office?

RTO stands for Regional Transport Office. It is a government organization established to oversee all transport-related operations in India. The primary function of RTOs is to maintain a database for all vehicles operating in the country and ensure that all vehicles comply with existing rules and regulations.

Finding Your Nearest RTO Office

With hundreds of RTO offices scattered throughout India, locating your nearest office can feel like a daunting task. However, it’s quite straightforward. As we learned earlier, each RTO office has a unique code that is part of every vehicle’s registration number. This code can guide you to the RTO office where a vehicle is registered.

Importance of RTO Offices

RTO offices handle various essential responsibilities that every driver or vehicle owner in India should be aware of. These responsibilities include issuing driver’s licenses and conducting driving tests, registering vehicles, organizing vehicle inspections, and more. Being familiar with your local RTO office and its procedures can help you navigate these tasks with ease.

Interacting with Your Local RTO Office

It’s important to remember that while dealing with RTO offices, ensure that all your documents like the registration certificate, insurance, Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate, and driver’s license are always up-to-date. Any non-compliance with these mandatory documents can lead to hefty fines or penalties.

We hope this post has provided you with useful information on RTO offices in India. To manage all your vehicle-related tasks efficiently and smoothly, familiarising yourself with your local RTO is a great first step.

Remember, your journey toward becoming a well-informed vehicle owner and the driver doesn’t stop here. We’ve put together a list of RTO Office locations across India for your convenience. Don’t miss out on this indispensable resource. Start exploring now!

  1. How many RTO offices are there in India?

As of my knowledge cut-off in September 2021, India has more than 1,000 Regional Transport Offices (RTOs). However, the exact number might vary as new offices could have been added, so it’s recommended to check the latest updates from the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

  1. How many RTO codes are there in India?

Each RTO office in India has a unique code. So, considering there are more than 1,000 RTOs, there should be over 1,000 distinct RTO codes in India.

  1. What does RTO stand for in India?

RTO stands for Regional Transport Office in India. It’s a government organization responsible for maintaining a database of drivers and vehicles in its region. It oversees all transport-related operations, including vehicle registration, renewal of driving licenses, collection of vehicle taxes, and more.

  1. Who controls RTO in India?

The Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in India are controlled by the Transport Department of each state or union territory. At the national level, they come under the purview of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.


  1. What is the purpose of RTO State Level Codes?

RTO State Level Codes serve as unique identifiers for vehicles, enabling efficient registration, identification, and inter-state communication.

2. Are RTO State Level Codes unique across India?

Yes, RTO State Level Codes are unique across India. Each state has its own designated code, ensuring that vehicles registered in different states can be easily identified and distinguished.

3. How can I find the RTO State Level Code for my vehicle?

You can find the RTO State Level Code for your vehicle by referring to your vehicle’s registration certificate or license plate. The RTO State Level Code is typically displayed as the first two characters on the license plate.

4. Do RTO State Level Codes change over time?

Yes, RTO State Level Codes can change over time. Changes may occur due to administrative reorganization, the formation of new districts, or other factors that necessitate modifications to the existing codes. It’s important to stay updated with any changes in the RTO State Level Codes.

5. Can RTO State Level Codes be used for vehicle tracking?

No, RTO State Level Codes alone cannot be used for vehicle tracking. While they provide information about the registration location, RTO State Level Codes do not offer real-time tracking capabilities. Vehicle tracking requires the use of advanced GPS or tracking systems specifically designed for that purpose.


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